Gouangzhou Design Week 2018


Shirely, one of the Global Production designers based in Guangzhou, China, attended Gouangzhou Design Week 2018. Guangzhou design week is an annual design business event covering art, design, life and fashion. It has been 13 years since it was founded in 2006. The theme of the exhibition is the design and selection of materials for […]

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Digital Revolution 
An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music &videogames

Digital Revolution is an immersive, multidimensional exhibition exploring the interactive transformation between art, design, film, music and digital games, developed by the Barbican arts centre in UK and first shown in London in 2014. This exhibition is divided into seven theme zones: “Digital Archaeology”, “we Create”, “Creative Spaces”, “Sound and Vision”, “Our Digital Futures”, “Dev […]

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Touch – Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2017


Touch ― Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2017 25 November 2017 – 9 April 2018 The Triennial competition was conducted in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the International Council of Design. Designers were invited to submit posters that fit into four categories: Ideology, Promotion of Cultural Events, Commercial and Advertising, and Thematic – […]

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Design heroes: Dorothea Lange

A mother and her children

Migrant Mother is one of the most iconic photos of the twentieth century. It has come to symbolise the troubles and trauma faced by farming families in the US during the Great Depression of the 1930s. It’s creator, Dorothea Lange, started her career shooting portraits of the well-to-do in a studio in San Fransisco but ended […]

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Maps of cities


I’m inspirited by this Chinese Illustrator – Jing Zhang. Her current project is about the cities. I am following her as what she said City has its own colour palette, flavour, sound, and personality. The difference between our culture is what makes our cities so wonderful. Love it! More about her and her projects https://www.behance.net/mazakii http://www.mazakii.com

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Farmers Weekly Awards 2018 photography – My Family and Other Animals

A farmer and a dog

“Never work with children or animals”, or so the saying goes. But every year, our team of photographers covering the Farmers Weekly Awards finalists ignore this advice and bravely go out to the far corners of the UK to photograph the farmers at work, which often involves their animals and their families. While we’re only approaching the […]

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Design Heroes: Don Norman

Glass doors with handles on both sides.

Have you ever tried to push a door that says PULL? Or vice versa? Known in the design community as Norman Doors, this is one common example of everyday bad design where the signifiers on the door, eg the handles and signs, do not effectively communicate how it should be operated. Even tech giant Apple, known for its sleek designs […]

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Find your originality

a desk

With so many people with cameras, computers and social media – is there such thing as an original idea? This video from Oliver Kmia shows just how visually repetitive our travel photos have become. It is worth reading this article from Kmia about how he came up for the idea for the article (ironically it was […]

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Working in colour


Colour is one of the keystones of design theory. I think it is a mistake to think of it as the easiest to master – no matter how much you think you know, there are always surprises. Sometimes going back to the basics helps reset our preconceptions and aids discussions about colour with clients. A […]

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Design heroes: William Morris

A portrait of William Morris

According to Wikipedia: “William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.” But even that seemingly incongruous list of roles barely covers the depth and breadth of influence Morris had in both the arts and politics of Victorian Britain and beyond. Morris’s design work and business (Morris and Co) are closely associated […]

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Photoshop training video library


Here is a selection of videos from youtube with some Photoshop skills: Basic cut-out Cut out hair/fur – brush tool Colour correction Reducing harsh shadows Unsharp mask (sharpens soft images) Remove reflection or glare from glasses using the clone tool Remove Red eye/ Green eye Using masks Text on a photo Select and change colours using […]

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Sketchbook inspiration


Do you keep a sketchbook? I mostly carry one when I’m travelling and sketching scenes and writing diary entries has lead to lots of fun interactions with people. My messy attempts at recording my surroundings pale in comparison to those of José Naranja, a former aerospace engineer at Airbus. His detailed sketches in notebooks that he has […]

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Presenting data

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 18.00.34

A short guide to presenting data, especially useful for Infogram users Download paper: Presenting_Data_People_Wont_Ignore_Ebook

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How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop

Good simple article about GDPR and developing websites

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Design heroes: Andreas Gursky

People walking past the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery

This weekend, I spent a thought-provoking afternoon on London’s Southbank at the recently re-opened Hayward Gallery. The exhibition was a retrospective of one of my favourite art photographers – Andreas Gursky. Gurksy is a German photographer closely associated with Dusseldorf where he studied with the iconic conceptual artists Bernd and Hilla Becher and where he continues to live […]

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What does a picture editor do?

© Caroline Morley

  Despite being a keen photographer, I had never heard of the role of picture researcher or photo editor until I was in my first job as a journalist. Our small title did not have a picture editor but designer and the news editor had both worked on bigger publications in the past and it […]

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How to… create a Gif animation


A Gif (Graphics Interchange Format) file format has a limited palette and lossless compression. This means that, in comparison to a Jpeg file, the colours in a gif image will be flattened but the overall image will not be degraded when it is saved. A gif can also support transparency. A gif can be used for a number of […]

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The importance of breaks

blog-to do list

  If you’re looking to improve your productivity and creativity it might be tempting to work non-stop until you burn out. Here are a few articles showing that rest, daydreaming and boredom all feed into your creativity: What Boredom Does to You: The science of the wandering mind. On the importance of boredom and how […]

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Smashing Conference 2018 – speakers videos (London)


Some really interesting talks from industry leaders – well worth watching

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How to combat bias in design


As humans beings, we’re inherently biased. Natural biases serve a critical social function—they allow us to use previous experiences to navigate personal interactions and interpret non-verbal cues. To assess every person and situation from scratch would be exhausting.

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UI motion design


More and more frequently, designers are acknowledging the importance of motion design in the context of user experience. Motion is no longer merely a way to delight the people using our products, but a functional tool that makes experiences easy and fun. Most of us have heard the time-old (and still true) saying that good […]

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Smartphone data tracking


Smartphones rule our lives. Having information at our fingertips is the height of convenience. They tell us all sorts of things, but the information we see and receive on our smartphones is just a fraction of the data they generate. By tracking and monitoring our behaviour and activities, smartphones build a digital profile of shockingly […]

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Sponsored/branded content for RBI?


A trend that has become a business model for advertisers and brands – some interesting case studies.

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Predicting the future


The future of people’s tastes and personal preferences might be hard to predict but it doesn’t stop various bodies giving it a go. While fortunetellers may have used crystal balls and tea leaves in the past, these days it’s all about combing search data on websites. Here are links to a few Top Trends for 2018 […]

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How to Survive the Robot Takeover


This article discusses the fusion of skills necessary for media companies to succeed in the digital age — which focuses largely on the Washington Post’s reinvention. With Dom Norman from Design lab and Joey Marburger from the Post.

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New York Times’ illustrations of 2017

What Not to Eat: “The Case Against Sugar”
Artist: Hudson Christie

Every issue the New York Times commissions illustrators from around the world to create artwork to enhance their articles. Here is a list of the most memorable illustrations from 2017 as selected by the team of art directors. This one is my favourite. Each artist has their own style using a range and a combination […]

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

To prepare for the coming General Data Protection Regulation, publishers have a new important role: data protection officers.

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Colour Trends 2019+



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“Carsten Nicolai: Parallax” Exhibition Catalog”


Catalog design for the Carsten Nicolai: Parallax Exhibition. This design utilized a piece that visualized sound called a spectrogram as the cover image. In order to give the impression of light from a monitor, this design was printed on iridescent paper, and the changing appearance depending on the angle expresses the parallax concept. https://www.ndc.co.jp/en/works/carsten-nicolai-parallax_201711/

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Covers with special font design


Font design is important and could be very attractive.

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Napleon’s Russian battle map – a history


I really like this use of narrative and visualization

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How you draw a circle


New data show that the way you draw a circle holds clues about where you come from.

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Words of Wisdom from Seth Godin

Seth godin

Seth Godin is a former dot com entrepreneur but these days is better know for his blog offering bite-sized pieces of advice and insights to people working the creative sector. Among wide-ranging topics, he often writes on business, inspiration and kindness. His full blog is worth checking regularly but it I thought you might like this recent […]

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Photographing the Northern Lights

The Aurora borealis in Iceland © Caroline Morley

On a recent trip to Iceland, I saw the Northern Lights. Like all low-light photography, taking a picture involves patience, even in the freezing midnight cold. There are plenty of online guides for photographing the Northern Lights and I think much of their advice is transferable to photographing other night scenes like cityscapes. Here is how I […]

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Infogram data viz checklist


It’s our one-page guide to mastering visualizations that make an impact, full of helpful tips and friendly reminders. Download here  

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Saving lives with graphic design

Anti-smoking campaign poster from India in 1972 by Biman Mullick, Cleanair

Whether it’s helping patients navigate hospital corridors or trying to influence the public to adopt certain behaviours, graphic designers have a key role in shaping our lives and wellbeing. I recently visited The Wellcome Collection‘s current temporary exhibition – “Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?”. It explores the role of visual communication in our health services. The exhibition includes […]

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How to … create your own original lettering


In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of typefaces and fonts available to designers. Perhaps as a reaction to the stark and predictable digital fonts, watercolour fonts and handlettering are big trends in design this year. To get you started, here is a guide to handlettering. Or if you prefer to work […]

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The Economist – A Content Monetization Journey


The Economist has long known that a paying readership is better than a bigger one. As media companies shift their focus from reach to revenue, learn how The Economist has partnered wit Piano to identify loyal readers, increase engagement and drive digital subscriptions.   Watch the video

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AJAR digital publishing guide whitepaper

A test for colour blindness of orange and green spots

Digital Publishing Technology Guide

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12 Alternatives to WordPress (And Why You Might Want to Use One)


Well worth a read… 12 Alternatives to WordPress (And Why You Might Want to Use One)

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Thoughts on paper


There are some truly talent artists out there working on paper. There are others that work with paper as their medium. Here are some examples. Peter Rahmen – Pop Up sculptures Nguyen Hung Cuong – Origami   Tiffany Turner – paper flowers Patrick Cabral – Paper cuts Other artists work digitally but apply paper filters and shadows to add an illusion of […]

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The Eiffel Tower at night – a copyright quirk

Image by MrCarlisLopiazTierleang/CC-BY-SA-4.0

  Copyright is a sticky issue. One of the most famous quirks of the copyright laws in France means that photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night (but not during the day) are in breach of the copyright of the designers of the light show on the tower. There is an EU law which said that photos […]

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics


I have a confession – I love statistics and how they can make sense of a seemingly chaotic world. You may have already guessed this from my fangirl post on Florence Nightingale and my geeky post on a company building 3D graphs. On the flip side of this is a hatred of misused and misunderstood statistics. […]

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New try with Tableau path map

Path map_test

It was a good practice to add different icons in several spots. Thinking we need more chemical relevant icons. Also the first time to create a path map on Tableau combining the icon map.                    

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