2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum@HK

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It was a great experience attending the 2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum in Hongkong last week. There were more than 700 Tableau users joined this event. Here are some highlights to share.

Four sections of the conference

-Visual Analytics and Innovative Thinking

Two interesting case studies shared by TC Gan, APAC Presales Director

  • First set of data about Will

Will shared his tracking data with public. Per his data, Tableau can analyze when/where Will was; how many hours he spent in that spot. Interestingly, they even made a bold guess of what he was doing!

  • Second set of data about customers in a shopping mall

The moment you enter a shopping mall and connect to its Wifi, you are tracked! Your set of data will be transferred and generated into a formula automatically by Tableau. They can monitor all the activities while you are in the mall.

-Tableau Vision & Analytics Platform for Enterprise

Tableau Presales Team shared the experience of data visualization

  • Data

Tableau has a couple of convenient ways to prepare your data. A new function of v10.4 is to convert data set from PDF format into Tableau edited format in an easy way.

  • Analytics and visualization

Design your data; choose the right colors/charts/interactivity.

  • At scale

Storytelling; collaborative solution for enterprise


5 summaries:

Use visual analytics and story telling to promote innovative thinking

Empower people to ask & answer their own questions with data

Encourage people to be curious, be creative and explore

Bring people together to collaborate, to connect at an emotional level

Create a community of practitioners to drive analytic culture

-Customer Sharing

NK Solutions, First Advantage


-Iron Viz Championship (an exciting competition)

Four participants were chosen according to their work submit online before the event. They have the data only 24 hours ahead and need to finish a completed interactive infographic on site in 30 minutes. At last, to present their story in 5 minutes.


This is from a Google girl.


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    Looks like a great conference, you are our expert now!

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