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I just want to draw your attention to Creative Market – an online marketplace for independent designers. In addition to selling fonts, icons and tutorials, it also offers free resources each week and has a playful blog on design.

A couple of articles on the blog I have found interesting and challenging are:

How to become a Better Designer in 30 Days: The Challenge

I admit I didn’t do all the daily tasks but I really enjoyed the ones I did, especially making my own font (day 2) and learning about 3D design and animation in Blender (day 17).

10 Brilliant Design Trends for 2016

This is an article looking at of some current visual trends including “geometric shapes” and “abstract Swiss”.

The Designer’s Guide to Gestalt Psychology

Covering the basics, this is a good introduction to the psychology of how our brains interpret visual information and how this relates to 2D design.

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