The end of Vine as we know it?

Last week, Vine announced its most significant development to date: the ability to capture and upload video outside of the app.


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Ditch your app; focus on mobile web


“It’s difficult to get people to use your app”

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Microsoft predict the future back in 1999

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.53.45

The Microsoft Smart Home… back in 1999. Some interesting predictions here, some of which have arguably become true.

Year in review DPS 2013


The app includes video and interactivity to bring the numbers and data to life—along with providing information about Adobe’s strategy, exciting customer case studies and our efforts with corporate social responsibility programs.

Sample Content

How & why Verdens Gangs transitioned its VG+ mobile app


General challenges to consider when choosing a HTML or the hybrid app approach: Weigh the costs of tweaking the HTML for each browser. The advantages of using a cross-platform language may soon be eroded if you need to customise your code for each browser version or operating system. Page rendering of Web content is not […]

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Z-Axis: Designing for the Future


In geometric terms, the z-axis is the vertex that measures space above and below the x- and y-axes. Translation for those of us who napped through geometry: it’s how we describe panels and layers that sit above or below one another.


Artic Interactive


This is the Artic – Greenpeace Interactive In ancient and up until recent times the arctic was believed to be a place of mythical power. today, the mythical tales stand pale in comparison to reports on the effect of climate change and oil drilling, but people visiting the arctic still speak


UI in 2014


…there’s a future waiting for us beyond touchscreens. It’s a place where bits and bricks combine, where the ethereal digital world becomes corporeal, where we can see and feel information manifested in real mass




Responsive design for Lush soaps by Method.


New Spotify design


Spotify have updated their app. Very similar to iOS7.


The iOS Design Cheat Sheet


Further Reading & Resources

This article will only provide some basic information to get you started with iOS 7 design. Once you dig in deeper, you might be interested in some more details. These articles and ressources should help you out:



UI Kits

Other free resources

A roundup of news applications for the iPad

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I’ve had my iPad for a little over a month now, giving me plenty of time to pore through a number of news applications. Some are impressive examples of technology fused with design and creativity … others, not so much.

There are several different approaches for presenting news on the iPad. Some publishers have chosen to focus on the constant flow of updated information, while others have attempted to present information as more of a static package. While both have unique advantages and disadvantages, it’s clear that no one model has emerged as a standard format.

Here is a rundown of six different types of newspaper apps

The Transforming Consumer Magazine Business Has Not Been Good to the Newsstand

Consumer magazine publishers are learning how to cope in an environment racked by massive shifts in technology that have altered how people consume media. However, in regard to its effect on newsstand sales, neither publishers nor their key newsstand supply-chain partners, have been fully realistic in evaluating its effect on newsstand sales.

Oakley app


Great use of cover video, nested overlays, slide shows with buttons and image sequencing

H or V? Who’s doing what


One of the first decisions to make when creating a DPS app is whether to make the orientation horizontal, vertical, or both.

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Adobe DPS guru

Adobe DPS guru

Interesting & useful blog on Adobe dps, bugs, fixes, new tools et al

Tablet users–even younger ones–still prefer a “print-like” reading experience


It turns out that some interesting trends appear when digging deeper into the demographics–trends that might have implications for how publishers manage the transition from print to digital.

Video, for instance, emerges as a popular way young people get their mobile news. Publishers have already rushed to satisfy this demand, with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and even The Economist venturing into the video space. And in the great browser versus app debate, the research reveals that readers overwhelmingly access news on their browser. However, those with a college education–a desirable demographic to many advertisers and publishers–are more likely to get their news through an app…

Top Gear Magazine : iPad Edition – Bringing it to life from Engine Creative on Vimeo.

good use of video, immersive images and pull features

Katachi Heroine Issue 1 from Katachi Mag on Vimeo.

Great use of interaction

ICIS Responsive Web Design


ICIS has recently launched an updated version of using responsive web design to optimise the website for visitors using mobile devices.

Design Patterns – mobile, tablet, touch


Design Pattern Libraries

UI Patterns for Mobile Applications

Cross Device Design Patterns

Cross device patterns look at how people, content, and services will flow between these devices.

Triumph of the Mundane

Smart devices require a significant shift in thinking

Skeuomorphism – Emotional Appeal, Functionality Hinting and UI design


“A skeuomorph is a physical ornament or design on an object made to resemble another material or technique. Examples include potteryembellished with imitation rivets reminiscent of similar pots made of metal, or a software calendar application which displays the days organised on animated month pages in imitation of a paper desk calendar.”

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps

Augmenting physical reality with overlaid content
Excellant for shows/events/expos/conventions

Adobe TV

Great resources on Adobe Products and Workflow.

Specific to Digital Publishing:

Worth watching for ideas and to keep up-to-date on whats being produced in the market.

Renault App

x Showing app production, from concept to realization