Sketchbook inspiration


Do you keep a sketchbook? I mostly carry one when I’m travelling and sketching scenes and writing diary entries has lead to lots of fun interactions with people. My messy attempts at recording my surroundings pale in comparison to those of José Naranja, a former aerospace engineer at Airbus. His detailed sketches in notebooks that he has […]

New York Times’ illustrations of 2017

What Not to Eat: “The Case Against Sugar”
Artist: Hudson Christie

Every issue the New York Times commissions illustrators from around the world to create artwork to enhance their articles. Here is a list of the most memorable illustrations from 2017 as selected by the team of art directors. This one is my favourite. Each artist has their own style using a range and a combination […]

How you draw a circle


New data show that the way you draw a circle holds clues about where you come from.

Thoughts on paper


There are some truly talent artists out there working on paper. There are others that work with paper as their medium. Here are some examples. Peter Rahmen – Pop Up sculptures Nguyen Hung Cuong – Origami   Tiffany Turner – paper flowers Patrick Cabral – Paper cuts Other artists work digitally but apply paper filters and shadows to add an illusion of […]

Design Heroes: Christoph Niemann

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 15.56.55

Christoph Niemann is a German illustrator who has built a reputation for a modern kind of quirkiness. Although I was familiar with his cover artworks for the New Yorker magazine, it was an episode of a documentary on him that really got me excited about his work. The documentary is part of a series called Abstract […]

Graphic Design Games

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.27.22 (2)

Method of Action has created some online games to help people master Bezier curves, colour theory and kerning. Have fun! In the colour game, move the black circles around the colour wheel to match the colour in the centre. From simple colour picking you move on to contrasts, analogous and triadic. But be quick – […]

Artist Hoekzema Douglas from Miami


Artist Hoekzema Douglas from Miami (also known as Hoxxoh), he painted an incredibly beautiful, ever-changing street mural. After a layered process with a different color of the fill color, he can put an ordinary wall into a hypnotic masterpiece, looks like if you stand too close, you may be sucked in at any time! What? […]

Artistic lettering techniques


When we discovered Ana Gómez Bernaus’s effervescently colorful lettering creations, the first thing we said was “Wow.” And the next thing we said was “How?”—as in “How does she do that?” So we asked her, and in a recent “Create With” live session, she demonstrated the three lettering workflows she employed in the creation of this playful Make […]

Watch & learn

Thinking outside the box and off the page


I’ve notice an interesting trend recently of combining 3D models and photography to create original artworks for print. Madrid-based Irma Gruenholz  creates models that are then photographed and Photoshopped into magical and eye-catching illustrations (see above). The Wellcome Collection in London is a gallery space that looks at the relationship between health and culture. For their latest exhibition is […]

A step-by-step image of pencil drawing by Scarlett


Step 1 Do a basic line drawing of the fox. Step 2 I started to add more to the drawing and go into more detail.Using 0.50 mm pencil drawing the hair. Step3 The final artwork

Awesome illustrator you should follow


Intense, Intricate Line Drawings by Gabriel Moreno. Beautiful combination of line work and color. Save