Maps of cities


I’m inspirited by this Chinese Illustrator – Jing Zhang. Her current project is about the cities. I am following her as what she said City has its own colour palette, flavour, sound, and personality. The difference between our culture is what makes our cities so wonderful. Love it! More about her and her projects

Design Heroes: Don Norman

Glass doors with handles on both sides.

Have you ever tried to push a door that says PULL? Or vice versa? Known in the design community as Norman Doors, this is one common example of everyday bad design where the signifiers on the door, eg the handles and signs, do not effectively communicate how it should be operated. Even tech giant Apple, known for its sleek designs […]

Find your originality

a desk

With so many people with cameras, computers and social media – is there such thing as an original idea? This video from Oliver Kmia shows just how visually repetitive our travel photos have become. It is worth reading this article from Kmia about how he came up for the idea for the article (ironically it was […]

Working in colour


Colour is one of the keystones of design theory. I think it is a mistake to think of it as the easiest to master – no matter how much you think you know, there are always surprises. Sometimes going back to the basics helps reset our preconceptions and aids discussions about colour with clients. A […]

Design heroes: William Morris

A portrait of William Morris

According to Wikipedia: “William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.” But even that seemingly incongruous list of roles barely covers the depth and breadth of influence Morris had in both the arts and politics of Victorian Britain and beyond. Morris’s design work and business (Morris and Co) are closely associated […]

Sketchbook inspiration


Do you keep a sketchbook? I mostly carry one when I’m travelling and sketching scenes and writing diary entries has lead to lots of fun interactions with people. My messy attempts at recording my surroundings pale in comparison to those of José Naranja, a former aerospace engineer at Airbus. His detailed sketches in notebooks that he has […]

Design heroes: Andreas Gursky

People walking past the Gursky exhibition at the Hayward Gallery

This weekend, I spent a thought-provoking afternoon on London’s Southbank at the recently re-opened Hayward Gallery. The exhibition was a retrospective of one of my favourite art photographers – Andreas Gursky. Gurksy is a German photographer closely associated with Dusseldorf where he studied with the iconic conceptual artists Bernd and Hilla Becher and where he continues to live […]

The importance of breaks

blog-to do list

  If you’re looking to improve your productivity and creativity it might be tempting to work non-stop until you burn out. Here are a few articles showing that rest, daydreaming and boredom all feed into your creativity: What Boredom Does to You: The science of the wandering mind. On the importance of boredom and how […]

Smashing Conference 2018 – speakers videos (London)


Some really interesting talks from industry leaders – well worth watching

Sponsored/branded content for RBI?


A trend that has become a business model for advertisers and brands – some interesting case studies.

Predicting the future


The future of people’s tastes and personal preferences might be hard to predict but it doesn’t stop various bodies giving it a go. While fortunetellers may have used crystal balls and tea leaves in the past, these days it’s all about combing search data on websites. Here are links to a few Top Trends for 2018 […]

New York Times’ illustrations of 2017

What Not to Eat: “The Case Against Sugar”
Artist: Hudson Christie

Every issue the New York Times commissions illustrators from around the world to create artwork to enhance their articles. Here is a list of the most memorable illustrations from 2017 as selected by the team of art directors. This one is my favourite. Each artist has their own style using a range and a combination […]

“Carsten Nicolai: Parallax” Exhibition Catalog”


Catalog design for the Carsten Nicolai: Parallax Exhibition. This design utilized a piece that visualized sound called a spectrogram as the cover image. In order to give the impression of light from a monitor, this design was printed on iridescent paper, and the changing appearance depending on the angle expresses the parallax concept.

Covers with special font design


Font design is important and could be very attractive.

Napleon’s Russian battle map – a history


I really like this use of narrative and visualization

How you draw a circle


New data show that the way you draw a circle holds clues about where you come from.

Words of Wisdom from Seth Godin

Seth godin

Seth Godin is a former dot com entrepreneur but these days is better know for his blog offering bite-sized pieces of advice and insights to people working the creative sector. Among wide-ranging topics, he often writes on business, inspiration and kindness. His full blog is worth checking regularly but it I thought you might like this recent […]

How to … create your own original lettering


In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of typefaces and fonts available to designers. Perhaps as a reaction to the stark and predictable digital fonts, watercolour fonts and handlettering are big trends in design this year. To get you started, here is a guide to handlettering. Or if you prefer to work […]

The Economist – A Content Monetization Journey


The Economist has long known that a paying readership is better than a bigger one. As media companies shift their focus from reach to revenue, learn how The Economist has partnered wit Piano to identify loyal readers, increase engagement and drive digital subscriptions.   Watch the video

AJAR digital publishing guide whitepaper

A test for colour blindness of orange and green spots

Digital Publishing Technology Guide

Thoughts on paper


There are some truly talent artists out there working on paper. There are others that work with paper as their medium. Here are some examples. Peter Rahmen – Pop Up sculptures Nguyen Hung Cuong – Origami   Tiffany Turner – paper flowers Patrick Cabral – Paper cuts Other artists work digitally but apply paper filters and shadows to add an illusion of […]

Bad Design, Good Design


Good design is everywhere. Many everyday objects are so perfectly suited to their task that we don’t appreciate their simple design. That is until we compare good design with bad design. In her project The Uncomfortable, Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani has deliberately created everyday objects that, with just a small change, are no longer fit for purpose. She originally used 3D rendering to create […]

2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum@HK


It was a great experience attending the 2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum in Hongkong last week. There were more than 700 Tableau users joined this event. Here are some highlights to share. Four sections of the conference -Visual Analytics and Innovative Thinking Two interesting case studies shared by TC Gan, APAC Presales Director First set of […]

No connectivity story


One of the very first things to do when travelling abroad is buying a SIM card to stay connected. But what if you didn’t? Or even better — what if you don’t take a phone with you in the first place? As an experiment, after crashing a phone’s glass, I decided to spend 14 days […]

Walmart web style guide

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 18.39.10

A lot of work has gone into creating this, its massive but well worth it

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Design Heroes: Paula Scher

High Line Park,  Location: New York  NY,  Design Team:  James Corner Field Operations with Diller  Scofidio + Renfro,   Environmental Graphics:  Pentagram Design   Planting Designer:  Piet Oudolf

  With a shining career in graphic design spanning four decades, Paula Scher is responsible for many iconic brands. She is most associated with a bold use of typography in her designs and with all the work she’s done creating brands associated with the city of New York, especially for public theatres, parks and museums. She also […]

Guggenheim Art Library now online

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 16.40.38

I would love to fill bookshelves with beautiful books on art that I can go to for inspiration. I lack the space and money to invest in a good art library of my own. The good news is that the Guggenheim Museum in New York has digitised over two hundred of out-of-print art books and exhibition programmes and made […]

40 Top businesses using WordPress


Do you want to know which big name brands are using WordPress? One of the common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open source, it may not be good enough for big brands. To disprove this myth, we have created a list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress on […]

55 most wanted WordPress tips


This article is a 6300+ words of pure gold mine

The Times of London says focus on editions has driven digital growth


The Times’ focus on editions has produced ups and downs for the paper over the past year. It shared a number of numbers meant to highlight its successes: The Times said the number of subscribers that pay for app and website access increased 20 percent, usage of its smartphone app grew 30 percent, mobile website […]

Malofiej 25


The 25th Malofiej Infographics World Summit recently took place in Pamplona. The event also includes the presentation of awards, which serve as a feast for visual inspiration…


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 14.06.21

This Tableau infographic is one of the better ones I’ve seen, and does give inspiration as to what can be achieved, as most of the visualisations have been bland. Save

Design Heroes: Christoph Niemann

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 15.56.55

Christoph Niemann is a German illustrator who has built a reputation for a modern kind of quirkiness. Although I was familiar with his cover artworks for the New Yorker magazine, it was an episode of a documentary on him that really got me excited about his work. The documentary is part of a series called Abstract […]

Is your commute worth the pain? The real cost of getting to work

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 15.54.13

Find out how six world cities rank by commuter ‘drag’ — time, cost and punctuality – interesting infographic by Financial Times supplied by Dan Thisdell, features editor of Flight International

What does the client want?


Sometimes it feels as if our colleagues in the editorial teams are speaking a different language. We go back and forth with instructions, designs, feedback, more visuals, more feedback until we get a result everyone is happy with. Surely there is an easier way? This article from the Creative Market blog, is by a freelance graphic […]

From “service desk” to standalone: How The New York Times’ graphics department has grown up


“The graphics desk can publish something on its own and then, the next day, point it out to the national editor and have the value of that piece be apparent.”

The New York Times is trying to make VR films that aren’t one-offs, and that keep readers coming back


With its new Pluto-focused project, upcoming episodic series, and experiments with “meditative VR,” The Times is experimenting with different applications for the new technology.

Artist Hoekzema Douglas from Miami


Artist Hoekzema Douglas from Miami (also known as Hoxxoh), he painted an incredibly beautiful, ever-changing street mural. After a layered process with a different color of the fill color, he can put an ordinary wall into a hypnotic masterpiece, looks like if you stand too close, you may be sucked in at any time! What? […]

Artistic lettering techniques


When we discovered Ana Gómez Bernaus’s effervescently colorful lettering creations, the first thing we said was “Wow.” And the next thing we said was “How?”—as in “How does she do that?” So we asked her, and in a recent “Create With” live session, she demonstrated the three lettering workflows she employed in the creation of this playful Make […]

Watch & learn

Creative logo design


We often say, “this is a phrase with a double meaning” language, visual graphic language is such. Two kinds of meanings, such as the art technique into the design of logo, gives the logo graphic unlimited imagination, increase the connotation and rich taste: Save

Photography plus timing


There is a saying that Comedy is Tragedy plus Timing. Street photographer Bryan Stokely has nailed this concept, making the most of New York’s colourful characters along with the equally colourful graffiti and advertising to capture moments of humour and poignancy.

Mobile first design


No matter how much we want to believe we’re all up to speed on mobile-first design, there are still many experiences that are lagging behind. This is something that needs to change. Especially considering over 25% of the world is not only mobile first, but is mobile only

72 quotes on design & creativity


Some great quotes from the design community…

Blog and resources at the Creative Market


I just want to draw your attention to Creative Market – an online marketplace for independent designers. In addition to selling fonts, icons and tutorials, it also offers free resources each week and has a playful blog on design. A couple of articles on the blog I have found interesting and challenging are: How to […]

Three inspired design talks

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 16.23.24

These three talks inspire me to think differently. All designs are connected. We can implement the innovation thoughts to our work. The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life x   Magical houses, made of bamboo x   The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen x