Maps of cities


I’m inspirited by this Chinese Illustrator – Jing Zhang. Her current project is about the cities. I am following her as what she said City has its own colour palette, flavour, sound, and personality. The difference between our culture is what makes our cities so wonderful. Love it! More about her and her projects

Sketchbook inspiration


Do you keep a sketchbook? I mostly carry one when I’m travelling and sketching scenes and writing diary entries has lead to lots of fun interactions with people. My messy attempts at recording my surroundings pale in comparison to those of José Naranja, a former aerospace engineer at Airbus. His detailed sketches in notebooks that he has […]

New York Times’ illustrations of 2017

What Not to Eat: “The Case Against Sugar”
Artist: Hudson Christie

Every issue the New York Times commissions illustrators from around the world to create artwork to enhance their articles. Here is a list of the most memorable illustrations from 2017 as selected by the team of art directors. This one is my favourite. Each artist has their own style using a range and a combination […]