Presenting data

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A short guide to presenting data, especially useful for Infogram users Download paper: Presenting_Data_People_Wont_Ignore_Ebook

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics


I have a confession – I love statistics and how they can make sense of a seemingly chaotic world. You may have already guessed this from my fangirl post on Florence Nightingale and my geeky post on a company building 3D graphs. On the flip side of this is a hatred of misused and misunderstood statistics. […]

2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum@HK


It was a great experience attending the 2017 Tableau Visual Analytics Forum in Hongkong last week. There were more than 700 Tableau users joined this event. Here are some highlights to share. Four sections of the conference -Visual Analytics and Innovative Thinking Two interesting case studies shared by TC Gan, APAC Presales Director First set of […]

Comparing Illustrator to Photoshop


There are advantages to both Illustrator and Photoshop, but are you sure which one is best for your next project? Design shop Desket has put together this article detailing the pros and cons of each application and which is suited to different projects. Here’s their cheat sheet comparing the two applications:

Another great Tableau infographic

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Amazing use of Tableau – i think they must be linked up to a database for this – an a lot of time put in to creating this.   Each tree has an id number and you can search street by street of New York city  

Have a look

infographic – excellent


one of the best I’ve seen – clear, impactful, genuinely interesting. Doesn’t indicate the pressure or density variation by elevation, but at each altitude it does show the composition – the Space Station has to be given a little boost regularly, because that bit of trace atmosphere slows it down. Source is

TEST maps with Tableau

test 2

Some examples using ICIS palette and fonts. It is a good start!  

Design heroes: Florence Nightingale

Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
Two colour charts showing the causes of mortality in the army in the East.
1858 Notes on matters affecting the health, efficiency, and hospital administration of the British Army : founded chiefly on the experience of the late war /
Florence NightingaleFlorence Nightingale
Published: 1858.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

Florence Nightingale is a hero. In the nineteenth century, she revolutionised healthcare by developing the role and training of nurses as primary caregivers and highlighting the importance of cleanliness. Many people are familiar with the picture above of her as “the lady with the lamp” as she did her nightly rounds of the wards of a field hospital during […]

Airbus Beluga mega-transport

This is a new version of a special aircraft used to transport pieces of in-assembly aircraft between factories. Nice, simple, clear – but lacks any comparison with other cargo craft.

Malofiej 25


The 25th Malofiej Infographics World Summit recently took place in Pamplona. The event also includes the presentation of awards, which serve as a feast for visual inspiration…


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This Tableau infographic is one of the better ones I’ve seen, and does give inspiration as to what can be achieved, as most of the visualisations have been bland. Save

Is your commute worth the pain? The real cost of getting to work

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Find out how six world cities rank by commuter ‘drag’ — time, cost and punctuality – interesting infographic by Financial Times supplied by Dan Thisdell, features editor of Flight International

Some infographic works in 2016


There are some infographic works which I did in 2016.

The winners of Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016


Kantar Information is Beautiful awards The Missing Migrants Map by Valerio Pellegrini and Michele Mauri ‘The Missing Migrants Map’ is the visual representation of all the incidents recorded by “The Missing Migrants Project”. This visualization is based on the data tracked by the “Missing Migrants Project”, a joint initiative of IOM’s Global Migration Data Analysis […]

Infographic for Farmers Weekly


October 2016*Farmers Weekly 2 September 2016*Farmers Weekly 20 September 2016*Farmers Weekly

Responsive data table roundup

Responsive data table

We’ve all seen data tables online and on our own sites. Why is it some of them look so rubbish and how can we improve the look and feel of them across devices and screen resolutions? Here are some helpful hints and tips on what other people are doing and what may work for your […]

Visual Journalism

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The world infographic awards Save

Maps of Asia


City has its own colour palette, flavour, sound, and personality. The difference between our culture is what makes our cities so wonderful. Save

Winning infographic and great sites for making infographic


Canva: Good for laying out infographics and designing a whole bunch of other things (review by PC magazine). Datavisual makes it easy to create stunning data visualizations. Our intuitive web-based interface offers pre-designed templates that anyone can use while giving design teams the power to rev up workflow and quickly output large volumes of custom data graphics […]

3D printed infographics


  3 D printed infographics looks more lively and interesting! Save

Infographic Paradise


You can follow Andrew Kirp in Behance ,there are many elements can be used as a reference.

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‘Steampunk’ Infographics


When information graphics designers look to the past for inspiration, the results say a lot about information visualization today. Save

Very clever interactive graphic

See the USA map; hover over any state and the slider moves to give its rank Save

Excellent data visualisation

Refugee flow into Europe: