The Economist – A Content Monetization Journey


The Economist has long known that a paying readership is better than a bigger one. As media companies shift their focus from reach to revenue, learn how The Economist has partnered wit Piano to identify loyal readers, increase engagement and drive digital subscriptions.   Watch the video

A poetic plant magazine : BLAD


BLAD journal is a magazine about plants and nature which was created by two  Denmark girl Louise Jacobsen and Liv Caroline Hotvedt Lausen. WallPaper* credited this magazine is a plants poetry. I was touched when i first saw this magazine. I felt so familiar about these plants images, cause i used to catch those leaves, flowers […]

Infographic for Farmers Weekly


October 2016*Farmers Weekly 2 September 2016*Farmers Weekly 20 September 2016*Farmers Weekly

Color overlying design


Overlie color areas with different transparency on the picture to enhance the atmosphere of the picture and make it more attractive to users.

10 photography magazines worth reading


Source: StackMagazines Accent magazine (London) Starting out as an online quarterly in 2013, Accent magazine is ‘A global celebration of life lived outside the ordinary’ that went into print earlier this year. Although Accent doesn’t call itself a photography magazine (“the written stories are as important as the photography”), the high quality documentary photography plays a major part in the stories they […]

Post Independent Magazine


Today, it is as easy to upload images to websites in order to produce a zine as it is to create a custom tee shirt or a customized mobile device case. These magazines are not based on just-in-time production solutions. They are different — they raise the printing costs, curate the editorial content, and each has […]

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The development history of Shiseido’s magazine


After Shiseido stopped to produce the monthly print copy of  HANASTUBAKI(花椿) and focusing on digital platform, I can’t stopped myself to collecting its old covers, from the first one in 1924 to the last one in 2015, nearly 100 years. I first got to know about this magazine is in university’s book design course. It’s an […]

some magazines for designers


1.Cereal: The photography style of this magazine is amazing 2.Gallery: The best graphic design magazine of the world 3.IdN: A magazine introducing various artists and designers 4.Wallpaper*: The world’s most influencing design life magazine 5.Design 360: Mainstream design magazine of Asia 6.kinfolk: This magazine integrates different aspects of art and design 7.Monocle: The most popular life style magazine of the world […]

How typography can save your life

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.16.39

An interesting article about how the right typographic approach can make a difference between life and death. Seriously!

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#STUDENTFARMER is a magazine published by the NFU to encourage the next generation into the agricultural industry. Printed three times a year, it is circulated for free to universities and colleges, and also available to read online. Just as its name indicated this magazine is focused on young people, so the style of the design […]

US farming magazine goes glam

Dairy Today Magazine

A few years ago the established US farming magazine Dairy Today underwent a rebrand by leading design consultancy Pentagram. The result? A fresh clean design that makes the cows the cover stars. But if you think it’s easy getting animals to pose for the camera, think again… Save Save

The Evolution of Magazine Covers


A look at how we’ve changed in the past 100 years…  

Some text layout design


    I love how they related the design to the article.All look very visually interesting.Different sizes and weights are used for hierarchy.The type and the design works together smoothly.

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Small Aviation Publisher Goes All Digital and Sees Business Soar


Since launching the apps, P1 has seen revenue grow 74% year over year through increased revenue from advertisements that blend seamlessly into interactive editorial content. Using the analytics capabilities in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, P1 discovered that readers spend an average of 77 seconds with ads.

Article Case study

Data visualisation

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 16.37.47

  A curated collection of data and research presented as an A3 book for Unilever. It shows the strength of a limited colour palette and simple design. 

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Circa & Structured Data

What we’re really doing at Circa is adding structure to information — and it could be the most powerful thing we do.. The assumed output of a reporter is the “article.” …There’s plenty of information in the text that’s produced, but how much of that information is structured? In a typical content management system (CMS) […]


The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age


It’s an astonishing look inside the cultural change still needed in the shift to digital — even in one of the world’s greatest newsrooms. As bad as this report makes parts of the Times’ culture seem, there are two significant reasons for optimism.
First: So much of the digital work of The New York Times is so damned good, despite all the roadblocks detailed here. Take those barriers away and think what they could do.

And second: While it was a group effort — full list on page 3 here — the leader of this committee was Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, the publisher’s son and the presumed heir to the throne, either when his father retires in a few years or sometime thereafter. His involvement in this report shows that he understands the issues facing the institution. That speaks well for the Times’ future.

Full Report Niemanlab Article Sanitised Summary

Background on Katachi Magazine


It is very much a tactile experience, but not in the same way as print. It’s very hard to describe because we really don’t understand it fully yet ourselves. The best way I can describe it is as an x factor in the mathematic sense. We design something on screen and then put it on […]

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Awards blurb
On Retina

How 10 news organizations look at issues of online engagement

How do you measure success in the digital sphere? How should news organizations interact with their audience? What’s the best way to personalize content for individual users?


How publishers’ premium subscriptions stack up


Some give readers greater access to reporters, while others strive to make members’ online reading experiences a bit less painful…Prices, too, vary widely: The New York Times charges nearly $600 for a year of its Times Premier subscription; Slate, on the other hand, is asking for just $50.


TED UI + Typeface video


TED has been updated with an appealing RWD UI, focused on video delivery

The redesign that is currently in public beta is a superlative example of intelligent and sophisticated design, produced by a team that clearly has an in-depth understanding of both of the history of Ted’s site and a vision of where it might proceed.

New Ted Review



Looping Video Portraits

[vimeoa id=”77710860″ mode=”normal” aspect_ratio=”15:21″ parameters=”html5=1 title=0 byline=0 portrait=0 loop=1″] Jean-Yves Lemoigne is a French photographer who’s pushing the boundaries of what photography. Using a Red EPIC Camera he’s created these intriguing photoloops which feel like an evolution of Andy Warhol’s screen tests. Because of the expert styling and lighting these definitely feel like works of […]

[vimeoa id=”77710860″ mode=”normal” aspect_ratio=”15:21″ parameters=”html5=1 title=0 byline=0 portrait=0 loop=1″]

Interview Portfolio

Algorithmic Publications


Experiments with a robot-generated newspaper with The Long Good Read On the surface, The Long Good Read has the appeal of being a kind of analog Instapaper for all things Guardian. But the interesting thing is how paper is produced: robots. Okay, algorithms if you want to be technical — algorithms and programs that both select the […]


New Time Magazine Design


“The redesign, by the way, was originally supposed to happen last fall. Gibbs said the delay was less technical and more editorial — Time was working on big feature about 1 World Trade Center that would highlight both its technical and editorial capabilities. The feature is supposed to go live on the website tomorrow morning, with a panoramic, interactive image taken from the top of the building. (Time photo editor Jonathan Woods and his team had exclusive access to the spire at the top of the wire, and they worked with startup GigaPan to create a “13- foot long aluminum jib” that was used to create the image.)

The feature will also be the cover story in the print magazine, with a three-fold cover, and there are plans to release book in April, too.

With all the changes, I asked Gibbs if the editorial vision has changed as well.

“I think the editorial opportunity has expanded,” she said. “To tell great stories, help people understand what’s happening, why it matters — to the extent that that’s our editorial vision, we have the opportunity to do that for much bigger audience.””

Automating Layouts & Flipboard’s Magazine Style


In so many ways, the story of Flipboard is emblematic of the modern age: The best results often come from a partnership between humans and technology. The predominant narrative of this age of networked hardware and software is the displacement of humans by computers and robots, but again and again, when we look at the […]


Pushing the standards for long form, works beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablet


Medium are pushing the standards for long form, works beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablet

Digital Mag Thinking

Dennis Publishing’s advice on creating magazines for mobile

• Don’t make print replicas
• Don’t develop for just one device
• Don’t develop the app without considering the production process of the editorial team
• Focus on the core of your product
• Simplify
• Adapt your content and take advantage of the features the different platforms offer
• Add clear rules for the editorial team
• Iterate

Pinterest and Text Content


Create your own Pinterest reading room

A roundup of news applications for the iPad

thumb (5)

I’ve had my iPad for a little over a month now, giving me plenty of time to pore through a number of news applications. Some are impressive examples of technology fused with design and creativity … others, not so much.

There are several different approaches for presenting news on the iPad. Some publishers have chosen to focus on the constant flow of updated information, while others have attempted to present information as more of a static package. While both have unique advantages and disadvantages, it’s clear that no one model has emerged as a standard format.

Here is a rundown of six different types of newspaper apps

Digital magazines: how popular are they?

Women's magazines

“Copies sold on Apple iPads and other tablets are, of course, where the growth is – but those editions still account for a fraction of overall sales and still fail to offset the decline in print. Digital sales of Vogue, for example, have grown by 3,898 copies since the second half of 2012 (3.78% of its total circulation) against a fall of 10,349 print copies at £3.99 apiece.”

DATA: download the full spreadsheet

Digital’s effect on how we produce distribute and consume content


 WHAT IS A BOOK, anymore, anyway?

We will always debate:

the quality of the paper, the pixel density of the display;
the cloth used on covers, the interface for highlighting;
location by page, location by paragraph.

The Transforming Consumer Magazine Business Has Not Been Good to the Newsstand

Consumer magazine publishers are learning how to cope in an environment racked by massive shifts in technology that have altered how people consume media. However, in regard to its effect on newsstand sales, neither publishers nor their key newsstand supply-chain partners, have been fully realistic in evaluating its effect on newsstand sales.

New Web Magazine Experience by Pitchfork


“Pitchfork put up an intriguing article aboutDaft Punk and their new album, Random Access Memories today. Incorporating parallax scrolling and a clever design, the story flows with a style that’s like a rich-quality magazine amended with the benefits of a digital presentation.

Sites like The Verge and Polygon have done similar full-screen, responsive, custom designs for some of their long form articles. It’s seemingly a trend for these sites to showcase both skill sets of design and writing. I’m all for it. Anything that makes my read an enjoyable one is only going to bring me back more often. Kudos are in order.”

Oakley app


Great use of cover video, nested overlays, slide shows with buttons and image sequencing