Smashing Conference 2018 – speakers videos (London)


Some really interesting talks from industry leaders – well worth watching

Sponsored/branded content for RBI?


A trend that has become a business model for advertisers and brands – some interesting case studies.

The Economist – A Content Monetization Journey


The Economist has long known that a paying readership is better than a bigger one. As media companies shift their focus from reach to revenue, learn how The Economist has partnered wit Piano to identify loyal readers, increase engagement and drive digital subscriptions.   Watch the video

AJAR digital publishing guide whitepaper

A test for colour blindness of orange and green spots

Digital Publishing Technology Guide

55 most wanted WordPress tips


This article is a 6300+ words of pure gold mine

The Times of London says focus on editions has driven digital growth


The Times’ focus on editions has produced ups and downs for the paper over the past year. It shared a number of numbers meant to highlight its successes: The Times said the number of subscribers that pay for app and website access increased 20 percent, usage of its smartphone app grew 30 percent, mobile website […]

How The Telegraph built its new CMS by focusing on simplicity


The British newspaper was previously using five separate online publishing systems, each of which larded up the publishing process with dozens of fiddly steps.

10 facts about the changing digital news landscape


Digital news continues to evolve, pushed by a variety of innovations in recent years, from groundbreaking new technologies like virtual reality and automated reporting to experiments on social platforms that have altered campaign coverage. This article highlights 10 key facts based on USA surveys and analysis

Axel Springer’s Bild is testing news delivery via Facebook Messenger


German tabloid Bild is experimenting with delivering news to its readers via Facebook Messenger. The first experiment is limited to “news, background information, and rumors regarding the transfer window of the German soccer league.”

Interactive content for landing pages


How marketing think about interactivity.


Adobe Digital Trends 2015 paper


Interesting read, think we’ll be having a fair bit of this with new FG site DIB Digital Trends Report 2015_EMEA

DIB Digital Trends Report 2015_EMEA

Adobe TV – latest from Adobe


Includes tips and inspitation

Go watch

Creativity drives business

Adobe infographic and pdf report to read 55563.en.creative-dividends


Reuters Digital News Report 2014

This year’s report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 18,000 online news consumers in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Denmark and Finland. This website contains data about the growth of tablets and smartphones, generational and country based differences in media usage. Also analysis […]

Full Report Analysis Analysis 2

Multi-media rich – NYT


The story always comes first, as it would in any newsroom, so the formats chosen are those that best present the story we’re trying to tell. In this particular case, the final formats you see are the result of constant discussion and evolution throughout the process as we discovered what the key parts of the […]


The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age


It’s an astonishing look inside the cultural change still needed in the shift to digital — even in one of the world’s greatest newsrooms. As bad as this report makes parts of the Times’ culture seem, there are two significant reasons for optimism.
First: So much of the digital work of The New York Times is so damned good, despite all the roadblocks detailed here. Take those barriers away and think what they could do.

And second: While it was a group effort — full list on page 3 here — the leader of this committee was Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, the publisher’s son and the presumed heir to the throne, either when his father retires in a few years or sometime thereafter. His involvement in this report shows that he understands the issues facing the institution. That speaks well for the Times’ future.

Full Report Niemanlab Article Sanitised Summary

Lionel Barber’s email to FT staff outlining digital-first strategy


1. Common ad shapes across editions – reducing unnecessary tweaks and edits between editions.

2. A more common international edition with common fronts and second fronts.

3. A possible move to a common running order between UK and international editions with World at the front of the run

4. Restrictions on the number of changes requested for US second edition.

5. A paring back of the UK 3rd edition.

6. A far more disciplined adherence to copy delivery times, and improved forward planning

7. An end to “octopus commissioning” — we need fewer commissioning channels. Equally, news editors must clearly identify priority stories.

8. Tighter control of pagination We need to ensure that we are serving a digital platform first, and a newspaper second. This is a big cultural shift for the FT that is only likely to be achieved with further structural change.

iPad colour profile


Important part of future image process – Ive downloaded the profile on to my image server as back up

The newsonomics of a news company of the future

Today, Grimshaw is headquartered in New York City. The U.S. is the home to the greatest number of FT subscribers and is its biggest market for growth, Grimshaw told me when we talked last week. At a time when so much of the news industry seems in flux, the FT has managed a steady-as-she-goes transition into the digital age arguably better than anyone else. While it occupies an enviable global business news niche, the ingredients of its relative success are ones that can be mixed and matched into all kinds of recipes — metro, regional, or local; daily or weekly; newspaper or magazine. It’s not otherworldly magic that’s happening at the FT. It’s just ahead-of-the-pack thinking that has given it a headstart — and now gives it the ability to build second and third generations of its digital business. It is now where fast followers will be in two to five years…

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Adobe DPS and WoodWing
Adobe DPS and WoodWing, Elvis DAM and workflow

Gallery highlights a number of Apps created using WoodWing’s Digital Publishing Solution, from newspapers and magazines to books, annual reports, brochures etc.
Full List of Clients using Woodwing and Adobe DPS

Production Matters April 2013

The second edition of the monthly roundup on what’s happening with the team. Please note this is optimised for viewing on screen. Production Matters April 2013 (PDF)