Photoshop training video library


Here is a selection of videos from youtube with some Photoshop skills: Basic cut-out Cut out hair/fur – brush tool Colour correction Reducing harsh shadows Unsharp mask (sharpens soft images) Remove reflection or glare from glasses using the clone tool Remove Red eye/ Green eye Using masks Text on a photo Select and change colours using […]

The importance of breaks

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  If you’re looking to improve your productivity and creativity it might be tempting to work non-stop until you burn out. Here are a few articles showing that rest, daydreaming and boredom all feed into your creativity: What Boredom Does to You: The science of the wandering mind. On the importance of boredom and how […]

The 7 Best VPN Services for WordPress Users


WordPress workflow data security

Getting the most out of email


Email is both a gift and curse. Messages can be sent at the speed of light around the world to several recipients with a time stamp marking it to the very second the send button was hit. This speedy method of communication means that many people feel it is now expected of them to reply […]

55 most wanted WordPress tips


This article is a 6300+ words of pure gold mine

Design better by leveraging context

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No design exists in a vacuum, just as no company exists on an empty playing field. That means that every product and website design lives in the context of hundreds of other products and websites that our customers and prospects interact with every day.

Graphic Design Games

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Method of Action has created some online games to help people master Bezier curves, colour theory and kerning. Have fun! In the colour game, move the black circles around the colour wheel to match the colour in the centre. From simple colour picking you move on to contrasts, analogous and triadic. But be quick – […]

19 Best Practices for Faster UI Mockups


Before diving head-first into pixels and grid dimensions, sketching out your thoughts can be a helpful first draft to organize your ideas and experiment a little. After all, it’s easier to test a concept in a sketch than in a digital format. You can even sketch out a few different compositions and decide on the […]

10 Type Rules for an Excellent User Experience


When it comes to websites and apps, good typography is more than just a pretty typeface. Letting has to be highly readable – and scannable – while providing a solid visual connection to the content

Time-lapse basics


Vimeo’s guide to the producing the best time-lapse video Task for all – lets see some of our attemps? Post them on here…

2 Second Technique To Whiten Teeth In Photoshop | Plus A Free Action


Whitening teeth in Photoshop is one of those things that all portrait photographers will all have to do at some point. Here’s a quick and simple way of doing this without overdoing it that they look un-natural

html5 animation – how to


A how to… creating an animated html5 object

Beating designer’s block

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Those hours—or days—where you’re working on a project and just can’t seem to make any progress or come up with ideas? Thank designer’s block for that. We’ve all been there. Sometimes no amount of coffee, walks around the block, or cat videos can help you shake the feeling that it’s just not happening. And that’s […]

17 Data Visualization Tools & Resources You Should Bookmark

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Using data helps enhance your arguments by making your writing more compelling. It gives your readers context. And it helps provide support for your claims.

Design tutorials


Best graphic designers share their amazing ideas, techniques and tutorials to improve your graphic design skills for making logos, posters, illustrations and vectors. These tutorials are helpful for learn web designing, photo manipulation, editing and creating special photo effects.

Free ebook library

Really useful library of free ebooks to download with tips etc on UI / UX

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Ten commandments of various design things


Some interesting top 10 tips on various design elements

Have a look

Adobe TV – latest from Adobe


Includes tips and inspitation

Go watch

The 10 Commandments of Typography

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Simple type-base commandments by Evan Brown at DesignMantic Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation,”… “It’s always good to know the few basic do’s and don’ts in order to save yourself the trouble […]

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Graphics, Infographics, and Data Visualization:

Employ simple strategies to make graphics better and help emphasize the data


WordPress 3.9 bridges gap between editing and publishing

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Some much needed improvements added to the wordpress with the latest update.

More info here

How They Did It: Typekit’s New Homepage

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An interesting article and critique of the recent redesign of–webdesign-18178

And here is the website itself:

Both are well worth a visit.

Flat UI and Forms

As designers, we want to create great user experiences through simplicity and clarity.

What is simplicity and clarity? It’s the user knowing exactly what to do, and how to do it, with a minimum of effort. Achieving this kind of user experience means finding the right balance—not just going flat for flatness’s sake.

When it comes to forms—frustrating experiences even at the best of times—it means knowing that less isn’t always simpler.

Design 101


Design 101: Udacity’s first Design course, led by none other than Donald Norman, contemporary of Jakob Nielsen and author of “The Design of Everyday Things”

Using XML to automate production of digital publications

Using XML to automate production of digital publications

Click on image to article and demo example

An interesting read on web standards

An interesting read on web standards

In short, there appears to be a lot of ’em these days.

Adobe DPS guru

Adobe DPS guru

Interesting & useful blog on Adobe dps, bugs, fixes, new tools et al

iPad colour profile


Important part of future image process – Ive downloaded the profile on to my image server as back up

Employee driven innovation

From Shane Wang on Yammer:

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Taking Screenshots on an iPad


It can be very helpful to screenshot inspirational apps or magazines working. It can also be useful for documenting bugs or errors while producing on the platform.

It’s simple, just press the Power (or sleep/wake) button at the top right of the iPad app and the Home button at the same time for just a short moment. When you do you’ll see the screen flash white and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound.