How to … create your own original lettering


In recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of typefaces and fonts available to designers. Perhaps as a reaction to the stark and predictable digital fonts, watercolour fonts and handlettering are big trends in design this year. To get you started, here is a guide to handlettering. Or if you prefer to work […]

Graphic Design Games

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 15.27.22 (2)

Method of Action has created some online games to help people master Bezier curves, colour theory and kerning. Have fun! In the colour game, move the black circles around the colour wheel to match the colour in the centre. From simple colour picking you move on to contrasts, analogous and triadic. But be quick – […]

Typography terms


Do you know your kerning from your counter? Your stem from your serif? Canva Design School blog comes to your rescue with this nicely illustrated set of typography terms.

Artistic lettering techniques


When we discovered Ana Gómez Bernaus’s effervescently colorful lettering creations, the first thing we said was “Wow.” And the next thing we said was “How?”—as in “How does she do that?” So we asked her, and in a recent “Create With” live session, she demonstrated the three lettering workflows she employed in the creation of this playful Make […]

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Thinking outside the box and off the page


I’ve notice an interesting trend recently of combining 3D models and photography to create original artworks for print. Madrid-based Irma Gruenholz  creates models that are then photographed and Photoshopped into magical and eye-catching illustrations (see above). The Wellcome Collection in London is a gallery space that looks at the relationship between health and culture. For their latest exhibition is […]

Concrete Poetry Layout


Collected some concrete poetry from Stephane Mallarme and Eugen Gomringer, very interesting layout. Save Save

How typography can save your life

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An interesting article about how the right typographic approach can make a difference between life and death. Seriously!

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The Rhythm of the Typesetting

The Rhythm of  Typesetting

There is a saying that arts have the common principles. We know that rhythm have ups and downs, high and low, thick and loose, heavy and light, quick and stop. Is there any relationship between typesetting and  music rhythm? Visualised the rhythm symbol among the types, we can see the lay among type. It is a different angle to see the typesetting. […]

Beautiful Typography Posters


I love how unique this is. The thin and thick lines add a sense of stability for the poster, It’s a very beautiful linework.

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Text and Hero Images

Typography secrets for Hero Images

A common request I’ve been receiving lately from the Farmers Weekly Web Development team is for “Hero Images”. These large striking images are used in bold digital designs to create depth and interest. This article from Creative Market explores the next step on designing with Hero Images – making the text layered on top work […]

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The new Facebook logo: a subtle but distinctive change


Here’s the latest update to the Facebook logo – a subtle tweaking of its iconic Klavika typeface. This typographical change comes as Facebook strives to appear ‘”more friendly,” says the company’s creative director, Josh Higgins. Frequent users will be familiar with the social media platform rolling out new logo redesigns. But this is the first […]

Dyslexie font


“Traditional fonts are designed solely from an aesthetic point of view,” Boer writes on his website, “which means they often have characteristics that make characters difficult to recognize for people with dyslexia. Oftentimes, the letters of a word are confused, turned around or jumbled up because they look too similar.”

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The 10 Commandments of Typography

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.15.42

Simple type-base commandments by Evan Brown at DesignMantic Even though typography is an art and art is supposed to be subjective with minimal parameters, these rules can still be applied in order to save time and too much experimentation,”… “It’s always good to know the few basic do’s and don’ts in order to save yourself the trouble […]

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