Design Heroes: Don Norman

Glass doors with handles on both sides.

Have you ever tried to push a door that says PULL? Or vice versa? Known in the design community as Norman Doors, this is one common example of everyday bad design where the signifiers on the door, eg the handles and signs, do not effectively communicate how it should be operated. Even tech giant Apple, known for its sleek designs […]

Smashing Conference 2018 – speakers videos (London)


Some really interesting talks from industry leaders – well worth watching

UI motion design


More and more frequently, designers are acknowledging the importance of motion design in the context of user experience. Motion is no longer merely a way to delight the people using our products, but a functional tool that makes experiences easy and fun. Most of us have heard the time-old (and still true) saying that good […]

Walmart web style guide

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 18.39.10

A lot of work has gone into creating this, its massive but well worth it

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Visual design for the visually impaired

A test for colour blindness of orange and green spots

My Dad is colour blind. When I was a kid, he bought a tie to wear to his office with a brilliant pink splash of colour through the design. He had no idea and no one had the heart to tell him of his fashion faux-pas. This article from UX Booth, looks at simple ways […]

New York Times new web design and newsletters


A more joined approach with desktop and mobile design and how newsletters can increase engagement

Sample Content

19 Best Practices for Faster UI Mockups


Before diving head-first into pixels and grid dimensions, sketching out your thoughts can be a helpful first draft to organize your ideas and experiment a little. After all, it’s easier to test a concept in a sketch than in a digital format. You can even sketch out a few different compositions and decide on the […]

UI/ UX Conference China 2016


The first UI/ UX Conference China held in Shanghai on October 15th-16th, 27 speakers including design leads and creative directors sharing their expertise and experiences focused on design strategy, workflow, best practices, creative inspiration and more topic. More than 900 people from all around the world attended the meeting. It’s very exciting to see different […]

10 Type Rules for an Excellent User Experience


When it comes to websites and apps, good typography is more than just a pretty typeface. Letting has to be highly readable – and scannable – while providing a solid visual connection to the content

How to use data to improve your design


A look at some of the most impactful ways that designers can use data to improve their designs.

The Future Is Near: 13 Design Predictions for 2017


To architect the experiences of tomorrow, you must first design the interactions of today. But it is not enough to look in front of you—you must look ahead to the future. 2015 was the year that UX disciples the world over proved themselves to be the singular champions of free thought in design. Slack’soutstanding UX propelled […]

Free ebook library

Really useful library of free ebooks to download with tips etc on UI / UX

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Ten commandments of various design things


Some interesting top 10 tips on various design elements

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Web Tips: Preparing your site for Googles new “mobile-friendly” algorithm


Google’s mobile ranking algorithm will be released at April 21 and is going to include mobile-friendly usability factors. It’s a change in the search and mobile search era because the impact of this algorithm will be higher than Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Hummingbird. Why go “Mobile Friendly?” 60% of all traffic for Google […]

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Free sliders for the web


Hundreds of free sliders in html, CSS and JS


Article: The What, Why, and How of Mockups


An informative article over at Design Modo on how to make the most of your mock-ups.

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Interactive content for landing pages


How marketing think about interactivity.


Article: What is an Interaction Designer?


An interesting article on Interaction Design.

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Touch to explore


Cool dashboard navigation type

The Guardian wants to know what you think of its redesign


The Guardian has been developing the site for more than a year, but the beta version was released publicly in February. By the end of March, The Guardian had received more than 5,000 comments from readers; some positive, but many suggesting tweaks or complaining about problems. Which is exactly what The Guardian wanted.


Visualizing Algorithms

Visualizing Algorithms

The power of the unaided mind is highly overrated… The real powers come from devising external aids that enhance cognitive abilities. —Donald Norman Algorithms are a fascinating use case for visualization. To visualize an algorithm, we don’t merely fit data to a chart; there is no primary dataset. Instead there are logical rules that describe behavior. This […]

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Reuters Digital News Report 2014

This year’s report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 18,000 online news consumers in the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Denmark and Finland. This website contains data about the growth of tablets and smartphones, generational and country based differences in media usage. Also analysis […]

Full Report Analysis Analysis 2

Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS


You know the importance of technology to the future of journalism has become a widely accepted fact when a prominent editor decides to join a new company because of its content management system. That’s what Ezra Klein told The New York Times about his decision to leave The Washington Post for Vox Media, a digital […]

Article from NYT dev team

Get Inspired

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 15.08.31

Inspiration for web designers.


Brain map


Spin the brain to explore

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Immense data viz by the New York Times


  Five years since the end of the Great Recession, the private sector has finally regained the nine million jobs it lost. But not all industries recovered equally. Each line  below shows how the number of jobs has changed for a particular industry over the past 10 years. Scroll down to see how the recession reshaped the […]

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Structured online comments


On the occasion of a new pope, the Times offered up a new commenting platform that filtered reader responses by mood and identity.

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Alien Phenomenology (What It’s Like to Be a Thing) + Carpentry & Art


…Related to Infographics for Aliens

Humanity has sat at the center of philosophical thinking for too long. The recent advent of environmental philosophy and posthuman studies has widened our scope of inquiry to include ecosystems, animals, and artificial intelligence. Yet the vast majority of the stuff in our universe, and even in our lives, remains beyond serious philosophical concern.

In Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing, Ian Bogost develops an object-oriented ontology that puts things at the center of being—a philosophy in which nothing exists any more or less than anything else, in which humans are elements but not the sole or even primary elements of philosophical interest. And unlike experimental phenomenology or the philosophy of technology, Bogost’s alien phenomenology takes for granted that all beings interact with and perceive one another. This experience, however, withdraws from human comprehension and becomes accessible only through a speculative philosophy based on metaphor.

Providing a new approach for understanding the experience of things as things, Bogost also calls on philosophers to rethink their craft. Drawing on his own background as a videogame designer, Bogost encourages professional thinkers to become makers as well, engineers who construct things as much as they think and write about …


Game Design – some thoughts from Popcap


Popcap: the 10 secrets of casual game design audio-visual feedback in a casual game provides the grammar of the experience for players who don’t speak the vocabulary of gaming. “Without the history of gaming at your finger tips, you’re not going to say, ‘okay, where’s my level up mechanism’, you don’t walk into it with […]


How small screens have impacted photo journalism


Quite an interesting article on how the growing use of mobile browsing is effect photo journalism, along with a few tips on how to adapt your content for it.


Rules to creating a good user interface

UI rules

A Good User Interface has high conversion rates and is easy to use. In other words, it’s nice to both the business side as well as the people using it. Here is a running idea list, which we try on projects. Looks like you have 36 unread ideas.


How & why Verdens Gangs transitioned its VG+ mobile app


General challenges to consider when choosing a HTML or the hybrid app approach: Weigh the costs of tweaking the HTML for each browser. The advantages of using a cross-platform language may soon be eroded if you need to customise your code for each browser version or operating system. Page rendering of Web content is not […]

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New York Times Chernobyl feature

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 16.43.48

An interesting online feature on the future of Chernobyl.  Nice simple layout, bold imagery and 100% width videos.


Optimizing UI icons for faster recognition


Semiotic theory and structure of signs User interface, like any language or other communication system, is a construct, made using series of signs. Semiotics, a branch in linguistics that studies signs, defines a sign as being composed of two elements–a signifier (the form which the sign takes) and a signified (the concept it represents). A […]


Pearltrees & Glopro

pearl Redesign & Pearltrees Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative curation toolthat allows users to collect, organize and share any URL they find online as well as to upload personal photos and notes. The product features a unique visual interface that allows users to drag and organize collected URLs into units called pearls that themselves […]

Glopro on Pearltrees

Background on Katachi Magazine


It is very much a tactile experience, but not in the same way as print. It’s very hard to describe because we really don’t understand it fully yet ourselves. The best way I can describe it is as an x factor in the mathematic sense. We design something on screen and then put it on […]

[vimeoa id=”61088461″ mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”16:9″]

Awards blurb
On Retina

Graphics, Infographics, and Data Visualization:

Employ simple strategies to make graphics better and help emphasize the data


Tiny UX elements that can make a big difference


Some of these things are so widespread and expected now that you don’t even notice them, such as postcode lookup tools on sites. They were not always there, and save you a lot of hassle


Design Principles: Visual Perception And The Principles Of Gestalt


The whole is other than the sum of the parts.

  • Emergence (the whole is identified before the parts)
  • Reification suggests that we don’t need to present the complete outline in order of viewers to see it.
  • Multi-stability (the mind seeks to avoid uncertainty)
  • Invariance (we’re good at recognising similarities and differences)

Z-Axis: Designing for the Future


In geometric terms, the z-axis is the vertex that measures space above and below the x- and y-axes. Translation for those of us who napped through geometry: it’s how we describe panels and layers that sit above or below one another.


TED UI + Typeface video


TED has been updated with an appealing RWD UI, focused on video delivery

The redesign that is currently in public beta is a superlative example of intelligent and sophisticated design, produced by a team that clearly has an in-depth understanding of both of the history of Ted’s site and a vision of where it might proceed.

New Ted Review



UI in 2014


…there’s a future waiting for us beyond touchscreens. It’s a place where bits and bricks combine, where the ethereal digital world becomes corporeal, where we can see and feel information manifested in real mass




Responsive design for Lush soaps by Method.


New Spotify design


Spotify have updated their app. Very similar to iOS7.


A Simple Device Diagram for Responsive Design Planning


A very handy diagram detailing the various breakpoints of different devices and at different orientations. It’s a little dated (March 2012), but is a good starting point for when considering media queries. Also, a very informative post here:  


How They Did It: Typekit’s New Homepage

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 17.12.29

An interesting article and critique of the recent redesign of–webdesign-18178

And here is the website itself:

Both are well worth a visit.

New Time Magazine Design


“The redesign, by the way, was originally supposed to happen last fall. Gibbs said the delay was less technical and more editorial — Time was working on big feature about 1 World Trade Center that would highlight both its technical and editorial capabilities. The feature is supposed to go live on the website tomorrow morning, with a panoramic, interactive image taken from the top of the building. (Time photo editor Jonathan Woods and his team had exclusive access to the spire at the top of the wire, and they worked with startup GigaPan to create a “13- foot long aluminum jib” that was used to create the image.)

The feature will also be the cover story in the print magazine, with a three-fold cover, and there are plans to release book in April, too.

With all the changes, I asked Gibbs if the editorial vision has changed as well.

“I think the editorial opportunity has expanded,” she said. “To tell great stories, help people understand what’s happening, why it matters — to the extent that that’s our editorial vision, we have the opportunity to do that for much bigger audience.””

404 treatments

konigi 404

A 404 page is generally not helpful, but it could be if combined with search, site maps, and suggestions that help orient users, even when there is a problem with their original link. Some can look nice: But looks are no substitute for assistive functionality

404 Review