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Caroline Morley

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With so many people with cameras, computers and social media – is there such thing as an original idea?

This video from Oliver Kmia shows just how visually repetitive our travel photos have become.

It is worth reading this article from Kmia about how he came up for the idea for the article (ironically it was inspired by both his own travel experiences and a music video by Hiérphante called Clichés), how he made it, and how it went viral.

This article on Cultivating Originality In Photography  moves on the debate from the video and looks at how it is not our travels that make us unique but actually our everyday experiences and homes and work spaces. So, in that spirit, here is a shot of my own workspace at home.

a desk

But ultimately, I think we can learn a lesson from Maya Angelou, who was a truly unique and inspiring person. A favourite of mine, in her poem “Human Family” (listen to Angelou reading it here), Angelou joyfully celebrates both the similarities and differences in our experiences and invites us to do the same. (It was also used in an ad by Apple – watch below).

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  1. Damion Damion says:

    Interesting piece, and show the younger generations obsession with Instagram and showing off I feel, rather than exploring their surroundings and really looking and paying attention. Short attention span and quick wins…
    But there is hope, ageing lol

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