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Popcap: the 10 secrets of casual game design

audio-visual feedback in a casual game provides the grammar of the experience for players who don’t speak the vocabulary of gaming. “Without the history of gaming at your finger tips, you’re not going to say, ‘okay, where’s my level up mechanism’, you don’t walk into it with those expectations,” he says. “So all that feedback, to some degree, teaches the player what’s good behaviour and what isn’t – that’s different from manipulating behaviour, it’s about rewarding the stuff that’s good for game progress…

“It’s also inherent in our design philosophy that our games are things that you can keep coming back to,” he concludes. “If the appeal of the game runs out when the player reaches the end, you’ve failed. A lot of games have that problem. But with Bejeweled, there is no end – it’s just a fun experience.”



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