Gouangzhou Design Week 2018

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Shirely, one of the Global Production designers based in Guangzhou, China, attended Gouangzhou Design Week 2018.

Guangzhou design week is an annual design business event covering art, design, life and fashion. It has been 13 years since it was founded in 2006. The theme of the exhibition is the design and selection of materials for private houses and new businesses. Graphic design is a part of it.

As an annual design event, design week also includes many awards and BBS. such as international design BBS, international color design conference, and other BBS of the world’s young designers. Including interior designers, architects, and of course, television, newspapers, the Internet, magazines and other designers.

Shirely was most impressed by “Sammy” of the exhibition, which is an App that provides services for mobile account painters and clubs. The artist’s work can be applied to all kinds of objects, such as cars, adhesive tape, hanging pictures and so on. It’s very diverse.

shirely think that represents the meaning of design very well, design without limits. This concept can also be applied in the design of magazines, not sticking to a form and the rules, dare to break through.

In this exhibition, shirely has gained a lot. She has not only seen many excellent works of designers, but also learned a lot of design concepts. What’s more, she has opened up her design ideas in work and hopes to have outstanding design projects in future.


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