Handmade leather carving

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Shirley Xiao

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A chance opportunity to see a leather carving works, I am fascinated by its production process and effect. Handmade leather carving is an art form of manual sculpture . Made from high quality of the whole piece cowhide leather carve picture with ‘paper’. These are all handmade. Through traditional techniques. Make it has stereo feeling. Give a person with a brand new artistic enjoyment.17 19 20 B H I J M 2 5 6 8 0174e5554843de0000002b01d23994.jpg@900w_1l_2o 01e911554844110000005b03333b51.jpg@900w_1l_2o 016b86554843e40000002b01397ffa.jpg@900w_1l_2o 01077e5548441c0000002b01a61054.jpg@900w_1l_2o


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  1. Damion Damion says:

    A lot of patience and skill needed – you cant delete a mistake on leather!

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