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A Gif (Graphics Interchange Format) file format has a limited palette and lossless compression. This means that, in comparison to a Jpeg file, the colours in a gif image will be flattened but the overall image will not be degraded when it is saved. A gif can also support transparency.

A gif can be used for a number of projects especially online including logos and games but it is probably best know for small animations and lo-res video clips.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out your animation skills, creating a short gif is a great starting point.

Here is a video from Adobe about using Photoshop to create a gif.

Or a for a slower instructional video for CS6 can try IRecordIn3D’s tutorial who animates a photo.

Here’s my first attempt at a gif animation.


For some inspiration, visit the Gif Museum website or Giphy.

Watch the video in Youtube
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