How to Design for the Gut & Visceral Apps and You

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How to Design for the Gut

Visceral design may be hard to get right on the web, but we can learn a lot by looking at the work done by our design counterparts in the gaming and mobile industries. By delivering rich, juicy feedback to our users we can create that satisfying sensation of a visceral, gut-level reaction. Thought interactions and response mechanisms will create surprise and delight, which leave indelible, positive marks on our visitors.

Visceral Apps and You

All of us have experienced the unique sensation of having our guts move from their normal resting positions. Whether from a roller coaster or a dive into a pool, it’s a shared human experience. In fact, as humans, we go to great lengths to feel extreme versions of kinetic energy and the exhilaration it provides.

The term “visceral” describes this sensation pretty well. Visceral refers to the gut, rather than the mind. Our brain may try to talk us out of jumping off a cliff, but as soon as we take that first step into the void, our guts take over. We respond with a rush of emotion and we can’t help but scream from terror or euphoria. It’s a purely visceral reaction.

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