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The 25th Malofiej Infographics World Summit recently took place in Pamplona. The event also includes the presentation of awards, which serve as a feast for visual inspiration…


The Malofiej website publishes its award winners in a static list but fortunately someone has been hard at work collating all of the works on a spiffy, filterable page with splits by category.


ft-tweetThe New York Times and The Washington Post are well known for their graphics departments and feature prominently in the list of winners. The only winners from the UK are The Guardian and the Financial Times, both of which spring to mind when thinking of newspapers that are trying to innovate in news-telling. The FT in particular seems to have committed to trying new things on social media, including experimenting with a different colour palette to its traditional pink and short, animated, explanatory visualisations – both demonstrated in this tweet about bombings in Turkey.

A couple of good’uns


FiveThirtyEight’s feature on gun deaths in the United States is relatively simple in its concept and design but it’s executed really well.


Aviation-related, this piece about the tragic Chapecoense flight explains clearly what happened. Again quite simple, but effective and impressive in being produced so soon after the event took place.

Lots of food for thought here and still loads to explore!

Do you have any favourites, comments or criticisms?

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  1. Damion Damion says:

    Great post Paul, really good examples – we should get ourselves over to the next conference!

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