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President Barack Obama is coming to the end of his eight years in office. His term has seen changes and conflicts and documenting these times has been Pete Souza – the Official White House Photographer.

Perhaps reflecting the digital revolution that have characterised Obama’s presidency, Souza’s photography is prolific covering everything from state events to pivotal historical moments to private family moments and office pranks. Souza estimates he will have taken over 2 million photos by the time Obama leaves the White House later this year.

This article has a gallery of some of Souza’s personal favourite photos and although they are lacking captions I would recommend scrolling to the bottom to see an interview with him about his work.


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One response to “Photographing history”

  1. Damion says:

    Fantastic photos that bring a touch of humanity to such a person. A lot of emotion conveyed – a the brighter side I particularly like the one where the chap is getting weighed and Obama is pushing his foot on the scale.
    The ones that work best is where Obama doenst know he’s being photographed.

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