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The future of people’s tastes and personal preferences might be hard to predict but it doesn’t stop various bodies giving it a go. While fortunetellers may have used crystal balls and tea leaves in the past, these days it’s all about combing search data on websites.

Here are links to a few Top Trends for 2018 articles I’ve seen.

Pinterest – 100 trend predictions for 2018

The social media site used the search data to compile its list of emerging trends in its users’ interests. Highlighted topics include Snap peas, Travel journals and Colorful doors.

Getty – Top Visual Trends for 2018

The giant picture agency also used the data from over a billion searches on its website to come up with three key trends in photography:

  1. Second Renaissance – “In referencing historical artworks, photographers find gravity and credibility. They limit the impact of stereotypes and reclaim ownership of stories.”
  2. Conceptual Realism – “As the dance of technology and artistry continues, we will see a continued evolution of conceptual ideas merged with realism.”
  3. Masculinity Undone – “Given the masculinity crisis in fast-changing social and visual culture, creatives have an opportunity to discard dull, destructive male stereotypes. Let’s swap competitiveness with community, silence with support and make room for vulnerability and diversity.”

The article is also worth visiting for a look at the original design and navigation.

Shutterstock – 2018 Creative Trends

Another agency using its search data to predict the future but also covering footage and illustrations along with photography. The eleven topics it highlights include “fantasy”, “new minimalism”, “punch pastels” and “holographic foil”, with some interesting resulting from combining between two or more of these themes.

Creative Market -10 Graphic Design Trends for 2018

The graphic design resource website has its own ten predictions for 2018, including colour fonts, isometric icons and moody tones in photography.

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