Scoop: A Glimpse Into the NYTimes CMS

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You know the importance of technology to the future of journalism has become a widely accepted fact when a prominent editor decides to join a new company because of its content management system. That’s what Ezra Klein told The New York Times about his decision to leave The Washington Post for Vox Media, a digital publisher with a fancy, custom-built CMS. Klein couldn’t quite describe what made the Vox system so special, but the fact that a journalist said he loved, let alone even tolerated, his CMS was all you needed to know that the world has changed.

Suddenly, the CMS, an often derided but necessary tool of modern journalism, is cool. Vox uses its CMS as a recruiting tool. Google is not-so-secretly building a CMS for the news industry. Times media columnist David Carr recently devoted an entire column to the up-and-coming blogging platform/CMS called Medium, and proclaimed that “the content management system is destiny.”


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