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Do you keep a sketchbook? I mostly carry one when I’m travelling and sketching scenes and writing diary entries has lead to lots of fun interactions with people.

My messy attempts at recording my surroundings pale in comparison to those of José Naranja, a former aerospace engineer at Airbus. His detailed sketches in notebooks that he has bound himself, are meticulously planned and beautifully executed. Here are some examples of his work (all © Jose Naranja).

© Jose Naranja JoseNaranja_09-768x7682x JoseNaranja_10-768x7682x

And José Naranja is now selling high-end copies of his sketchbooks and you can follow him on Instagram – jose_naranja.

I think mine are just going to stay on my shelf for now, for my own reference and inspiration but you can also follow me on Instagram – superstarcaz.

© Caroline Morley

© Caroline Morley

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