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Lin Ning

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1.Cereal: The photography style of this magazine is amazing001

2.Gallery: The best graphic design magazine of the world002

3.IdN: A magazine introducing various artists and designers003

4.Wallpaper*: The world’s most influencing design life magazine004

5.Design 360: Mainstream design magazine of Asia005

6.kinfolk: This magazine integrates different aspects of art and design006

7.Monocle: The most popular life style magazine of the world007

8.Offscreen: A high-quality magazine focusing on network life008

9.IDEA : It is regarded as Japan’s most expensive and impactful magazine, with countless classic design and unique angle, through which you can see deeper aspects.009


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  1. Damion says:

    Some good magazines here, a few I haven’t read so I’ll keep an eye open for them

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