The importance of breaks

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Caroline Morley

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If you’re looking to improve your productivity and creativity it might be tempting to work non-stop until you burn out.

Here are a few articles showing that rest, daydreaming and boredom all feed into your creativity:

  1. What Boredom Does to You: The science of the wandering mind.
    • On the importance of boredom and how it has influenced some great creative thinkers.
  2. A Science-Backed Guide to Taking Truly Restful Breaks
    • A psychologist looks at the scientific evidence for why we need breaks.
  3. Why You Need “White Space” in Your Daily Routine
    • A designer’s point of view on getting away from your screen during a work day.

So take a break and let your mind wander.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ive only read the Boredom article, very interesting – Ive signed up to the Nautilus newsletter. Will read the others soon

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